Diversity Destroyed – Zerstörte Vielfalt

City Of Berlin, Campaign, 2013

The city of Berlin took the occasion of the inglorious anniversaries of the Nazi’s seizure of power and the November pogroms to for one year commemorate the cultural and social diversity that characterized Berlin hundred years ago and made it to one of the most interesting metropolises of the world. Numerous exhibitions and events presented life stories largely unknown to the public. The unifying motive is as clear as expressive and appeared on advertising pillars, city lights and a various publications. For the final event at the Brandenburg gate we tore the poster and with this intervention closed the theme year.


zerstoerte vielfalt5_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt3_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt2_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt6_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt7_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt8_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt1_Isabella Kellermeier

zerstoerte vielfalt9_Isabella Kellermeier

Internship +Ruddigkeit, 2013

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