INSIEME – Local & Intercultural Drinks

INSIEME – Local & Intercultural Drinks is an open source project that activates a process of cultural exchange and co-learining by creating a framework of interaction and co-production.


The project aims to bring people together through the production of drinks from local ressources. Preparing drinks is a common practice shared by many different cultures all over the world.
Thus we developed this project as a collaborative process of learning about, experimenting with and exploring the possibilities of transforming plants that grow in common spaces into drinks.

Moreover the concept was created in order to enable social inclusion and to create an open source framework that can be replicated in various communities. The workshops are designed in a way that we address on the one hand an educational part (learning about the production of beverages) on the other hand we created a structure and specific artifacts that facilitated the communication and exchange between the different participants.

We are very happy to see the follow-up project COMUNITÀ FRIZZANTE!

intercultural drinks

Ein Projekt von:

Ivana Bertola
Isabella Kellermeier
Anita Ferro Milone

Betreut durch:

Prof. Kris Krois

MA Eco-Social Design
Free University Bozen-Bolzano
Summer 2017

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